The Brash Binary Code Base is a project dedicated to helping people reach financial viability while maintaining creative independence over their projects. The program was made to work well for creators because it was designed by one. The goal is to build a network of developers, writers, podcasters, and various other content creators to make our aspirations reality. Everyone is free to apply and there is no cost.

How to Join

  1. Send us a message using the form at the bottom of this page
  2. Include what kind of content you create e.g. podcasts, indie games, video essays
  3. Include your email and preferred name
  4. Include the premise and style of your content
  5. Indicate the frequency of releases for your content
  6. You will receive a response email after 4-9 business days

What we can provide

  1. Exclusive Advertising with other Brash Binary partners
  2. Monetizing work by Advertising the work of other Brash Binary partners
  3. Organizing cross-promotion and Collaboration
  4. Access to a growing community of like-minded creators.

We are open to all forms of creative work. Whether you are are a game developer or podcaster, we hope to provide you with some remarkable opportunities.

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